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An dieser Stelle veröffentlichen wir aktuelle Termine mit einem engen Bezug zur Umweltpsychologie. Bitte infomieren Sie uns im u.g. Format über Ihre Veranstaltungen.

4.-6. September 2019

Ort: University of Plymouth

International Conference on Environmental Psychology 'Protecting People and Planet through Social and Behavioural Science'

Adressaten: Fachpublikum

Veranstalter: Division of Environmental Psychology der International Association of Applied Psychology.



Special call:
Evaluation of citizen participation: criteria, challenges, and publication


Citizen participation has become a mainstream tool in many modern societies to aid public decision-making (e.g., in urban planning), but also for involving large numbers of citizen in scientific endeavours (citizen science). While guidelines for conducting ‘good’ participation processes exist, they seldom fit perfectly: Particular circumstances make nearly every participation process unique. Hence, it is imperative to systematically evaluate each participation process -- in order to continuously ensure and improve quality during its course (formative evaluation), but also to solidify the conceptual basis for future similar processes (summative evaluation). In this symposium we want to discuss theoretical and empirical contributions relating to: - relevant evaluation criteria and their conceptual basis - evaluation methods (experiences with different evaluation approaches, frameworks, or individual methods) - current challenges arising from societal and/or technological developments - best practice examples for different types of participation (e.g., for living labs) - standards for the publication of evaluation results If you are interested in joining this symposium, please get in touch with one of the organisers:


Later, we will ask you to provide an abstract (25 word title, 200 words maximum). Please be aware that for the ICEP 2019 conference, you should not also submit an abstract for a contribution within a symposium separately. Instead, we will submit the whole symposium (with the individual contributions) in bulk, on 29 March 2019.


!! Please be aware that there is another 2019 conference called the International Conference on Environmental Psychology (ICEP), and scheduled for dates in May in Amsterdam. That conference is organised by WASET, an organisation is known for hosting 'predatory conferences' (search in google on 'WASET scam'). We do not recommend it to anyone. The ICEP organised by WASET is not in any way connected to or endorsed by the IAAP, nor is it organised by a known Environmental Psychology Group or reputable International/European Association we have heard about.

12.-18. Mai 2019

Ort: Potsdam, ENavi-Kopernikus-Projekt

Summer School: Digitalisation in the energy transition

Adressaten: Nachwuchswissenschaftler*innen (25-40 Jahre, Master, PhD oder PostDoc) im Bereich Nachhaltigkeitsforschung
Veranstalter: IASS



14.-15. September 2017

Ort: Berlin

Tagung: Die große Transformation: Der Beitrag der Umweltpsychologie!

Adressaten: Fachpublikum

Veranstalter: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie e. V. gemeinsam mit der IPU e.V. und der Zeitschrift Umweltpsychologie

Link: Tagung 2017: Die große Transformation

Datum: 30. August - 01. September 2017

Ort: A Coruña, Spanien

International Conference on Environmental Psychology

Adressaten: Fachpublikum

Veranstalter: IAAP (International Association of Applied Psychology), Division of Environmental Psychology mit Ricardo Garcia Mira, University of A Coruña, Department of Psychology


Datum: 18.-22. September 2016

Ort: Leipzig

50. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie

Adressaten: Fachpublikum

Veranstalter: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie e. V. mit
Prof. Dr. Immo Fritsche, Universität Leipzig, Institut für Psychologie


Datum: 26. Juni - 1. Juli 2016

Ort: Lund/Alnarp, Schweden

The human being at home, work and leisure. Sustainable use and development of indoor and outdoor spaces in late modern everyday…

Adressaten: Fachpublikum

Veranstalter: International Association People-Environment Studies


Datum: 6.-9. Juni 2016

Ort: Insel Vilm, Ostsee

Summer School on Environmental Psychology

Adressaten: PhD students and other early-career researchers
(e.g., advanced MSc students) in the field of environmental psychology
research, as well as international experts of basic and applied research

Anbieter: Prof. Dr. Immo Fritsche, Dr. Gerhard Reese und Anne Römpke (Uni Leipzig) in Zusammenarbeit mit dem BfN


Datum: Monday, 14th of March 2016

Ort: Berlin (Kalkscheune, free of charge)

Future infrastructures for meeting energy demands. Towards sustainability and social compatibility

Anbieter: Prof. Dr. Ellen Matthies, Prof. Dr. Florian Kaiser, Helmholtz-Alliance ENERGY-TRANS, Universität Magdeburg


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